Multiple seller

Multiple seller support

Allows multiple vendors to register in the marketplace and list and sell their products with individual pricing, quantity and shipping rates.
No limitation for vendor

Unlimited Vendor accounts

There is no limitation to the number of vendor accounts added in the multivendorz multi vendor shopping cart software. Unlimited vendor accounts and profiles can be created and controlled by Admin.
Responsive online market place

Responsive theme

The Multivendorz multi vendor marketplace software based online multi vendor marketplace will have responsive theme due to which buyers and sellers can view the optimized multi vendor shopping site from any hand held device.
Recommend product

Recommended products

Sellers can link similar products or compliments a particular product by listing it in the product page
Engage more customers

Add-ONs for customer engagement

Add-ONs are available to enhance customer engagement in the multi vendor marketplace through product comparison, product rating, product feedback, wish list and product view count
Mobile apps for shopping

Mobile Apps

Multivendorz Mobile Apps helps enhance the customers shopping experience. This results in higher traffic and hence sales conversion for Merchants and higher returns for the multi store ecommerce platform owner.
Multivendor seller

Personalized seller dashboard

Vendors can control their multi vendor store profile, products and related details through their personalized dashboard.
Personalized store url

Personalized store URL

Unique URL’s can be allotted to each vendor based on their multi vendor store name.
Vendor product commission

Commission management

Commission rates for individual vendor products can be set individually for each account and can be controlled from the multi vendor marketplace admin end.
Why MultiVendorz from us?

One time Payment

Multivendorz multi vendor shopping cart software can be purchased and installed after onetime payment for the software. This avoids long term financial burden that comes with licensed multi vendor marketplace software that requires regular renewals and monthly payments.

Dedicated support for Multivendorz

Dedicated team is available to provide quick solutions to address technical support requests and queries regarding Multivendorz multi store ecommerce platform. Support representation can be contact via email or online chat .

Access to complete sourcecode

Complete sourcecode of Multivendorz multi vendor ecommerce portal can be accessed after purchase. This multi vendor ecommerce software gives you the freedom to edit the code as per your business requirements.

Customization support

Customization support is available to extend the functionalities of Multivendorz multi vendor marketplace software through additional modules, Add-ONs. Customization request can also be placed for customization in Multivendorz theme and design elements.

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