Why Partner for Multivendorz ?

MercuryMinds Technologies believes that the right partnership is the one that leads success and growth of the companies leading mutually beneficial business functions. A successful commercial establishment always backed by its partners who are mutually benefited with long term monetary and business advantage. It is for this reason that we partnership plans is was tailor made to suit businesses of different natures and sizes.

Partner Advantage
Partner Advantage
Associated With an IT Company Recognized For Innovation By NASSCOM
Established Reputation as a Digital Commerce Solution Provider
Flexible and Transparent Partnership Program
Effortless Installation & Implementation
Huge Business Potential In Existing and Emerging Markets
Maximum Profitability With Minimum Investment
Dedicated Technical Support
Online Partner Panel
Recurring Income

Channel partnership program

The Channel Partnership program is suitable for established companies who have their personalized marketing and sales channel and access to large number of potential clients & who wish increase their revenue without increasing investment costs. Through Channel partnership program your company can sell Multivendorz Multi Vendor Shopping software under your own brand and decide your own pricing structure. We shall provide extended support from India for php multi vendor shopping cart software upgrades and releases but will remain anonymous to your clients.

Purchase multi vendor marketplace software from us; sell it to your clients under your brand and pricing. Assured anonymity from our end for your clients.

Franchise partnership program

The Franchise program allows you to sell Multivendorz Multi Vendor Shopping software under our brand which will help kickstart your sales due to existing branding and reputation. This partnership program is suitable for individuals and smaller companies familiar with our product domain and possess sales and networking skills, but do not have an established brand and market. As Multivendorz multi vendor marketplace software franchise owner will be responsible to lead the business development, client interactions and product delivery initiatives in your local area.

Host our website under your local domain and hosting. Receive training on our MultiVendorz multi vendor marketplace product and receive earnings to conducting business development for our product .

Referral partnership program

The Referral Partnership Program is suitable for individuals or small/medium companies who have access to a pool of business owners who could be approached for recommending Multivendorz multi vendor shopping cart software. To sign up under referral partnership program you do not require in depth product knowledge or carry out product sales. You would receive commission from MercuryMinds Technologies for the genuine leads and your earnings will be secured for every successful MultiVendorz multi vendor marketplace product sale made.

Share leads for our multi vendor marketplace software product from your customer database pool. Receive referral earnings for every conversion we make through your lead.

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